Will iOS updates always suffer from bugs?

iOS updates are vital for iPhones and the quality of the device. iPhones are beautiful phones with stunning exteriors with some of the best interiors on the market. However, if the software doesn’t match up to the aesthetics and technology inside, the phone is basically pointless. Many users of iPhones have felt like this recently.

With the release of iOS 11 many iPhones became slow and buggy which was to be expected with a brand new iOS, but not like this. iOS 11 came with the release of the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, three of the most advanced phones to be released. iOS was slightly redesigned to fit with the new screen on the iPhone X and the capabilities of the phone. Many complained about iOS11 making their devices slow and buggy, apps were crashing and the phone would freeze when trying to complete a simple task such as sending a text or tweeting. Apple attempted to fix with minor ‘bug fix’ updates but did not succeed completely.

Bluetooth and iCloud also became a problem. Messages were not being backed up properly and were appearing in the wrong order. Files also appeared on the files application wrongly. In regards to Bluetooth, AirPods were not playing audio correctly. AirPods are supposed to take the audio you are listening to and split the stereo sounds between each AirPod which it failed to do. Set up for AirPods also became slow and did not become the easy and simple process it was advertised as. The same can be said about HomePod set up with iOS. However, these problems could also be the fault of the other device or Bluetooth and WiFI connections. WiFi connection also suffered due to iOS 11. Devices were unable to connect to WiFi networks leaving users using their data plans to roam the internet.

Others were concerned with the length of time it took to wirelessly charge the device. Obviously wirelessly charging would not be as fast as changing your phone traditionally, however, this was extremely slow. The battery indicator at the top of the screen also occasionally disappeared not displaying the level of charge.

One of the biggest and most popular issues was the ‘A” with a question mark box replacing ‘i’ in messages and emails. Apple fixed this with iOS 11.1.1, this became a joke for many tech influencers and bloggers online.

It may be a personal issue or a bigger issue but the screen on iPhone X became unresponsive, as did the ‘home button’. When sliding up to return to the home screen nothing was happening and I was stuck on the current application.

Hopefully we won’t continue to face the same issues each time a new update is released. Let us if you have experienced any problems with new updates, and how quickly they were fixed by Apple.

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