Will iPhone 12 the best for gaming

A study reveals the mobile gaming market generated 60% of the revenue earned from the global video gaming market in 2019. The mobile gaming industry made $49 billion in revenue and $16.9 billion in profit. By 2024, the mobile gaming sector is expected to grow by 2.9% per year, with an annual income of $56.6 billion. It can no longer be said that mobile gaming is a minority market, instead it has developed its very own genres and quirks, like Apple Arcade. 

Gamers worldwide enjoy gaming on mobile because it’s convenient and accessible as well as the fact that developers have provided a plethora of games to entice all ages and interests. The catalyst to the success of mobile gaming can likely be attributed to Apple’s iPhone from 2007 which made a breakthrough with its touchscreen. With this screen, games could be more interactive and graphically advanced due to the larger screen space.

Fast forward to 2020, there is now an extensive catalogue of games and experiences available for handheld devices, which is only bolstered by the option to also play games which are available on the phone’s internet browser. The truth in this statement can be found when looking at casino games, with their popularity owing to the simplicity, fun and added bonus of monetary winnings being the foundations of a highly popular genre. Whether spinning the reels of slots at the online casino or driving a car on Gran Turismo, it’s clear that mobile phones provide a solid platform for casual gamers and more bespoke gaming experiences.

As a result, Android and Apple have improved their operating systems and design over the years, with the intent to enhance the gaming experience for users. And increase their mobile attractiveness to consumers. To find out more about the iPhone 12 and its capacity to be the best phone for gaming, please read below. 

The iPhone 12 devices are as follows;

  • iPhone 12 Mini 
  • Standards iPhone 12 
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 

The standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is available to preorder from October 16th and released on October 23rd. You can preorder the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max on November 6th. Its official release date is November 13th.

iOS14 – Apple’s recent update

The iOS14 updates have improved gaming on the iPhone and iPad. iOS14 supports the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which includes button remapping—enabling gamers to adjust buttons based on the app or game.

Moreover, the gaming center user interface features an improved dashboard that you can view in portrait and landscape mode—increasing its visual appeal and user-friendliness.

Apple iPhone 12 features

Superfast speed with 5G connectivity

Each version of the iPhone 12s will have 5G. 5G supports superfast downloads of apps and games. Plus, an excellent bandwidth ensures phone users won’t lose signal in busy public places. Thus, they can continue gaming wherever they may be.

5G connectivity on the iPhone 12 facilitates improved, speedier gaming on augmented reality and multiplayer games.

Apple usually opts to wait and see with new technology—letting other businesses rollout and test technology, such as 5G, first. However, it appears, on this occasion, Apple is aiming to get ahead of the curve by distinguishing itself as a 5G provider to make their phones more attractive to gamers.

Excellent camera 

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini’s primary camera is the fastest Apple have released this far. They both have ultra, more comprehensive cameras and dual cameras also. The premium iPhone 12 Pro Max has the technology to enable better night-time photography. It has a 57pc camera sensor. 

A telephoto lens supports a 4x optical zoom mate for the iPhone 12 Pro and 5x for the top model, iPhone 12 Pro Max, which allows for quality zooming. Enhanced cameras will assist with augmented reality gaming on the iPhone 12.

LiDAR sensor

The LiDAR sensor is a brilliant tech device installed on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max that reads the phone’s environment. The LiDar sensor can decipher how close objects are, particularly at night. 

The LiDar sensor will enhance augmented reality games and apps such as Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive games. Creating a more precise indication of where objects are in real-life by plotting them realistically on-screen during gaming.

Other features of iPhone 12 include:

Ceramic shield coating on the new iPhone 12 series will reduce the risk of breakage. Essential for gamers who may be prone to dropping their devices. 

Plus, iPhone 12 will also have OLED technology, an upgrade from LCD screens, which will offer enhanced graphics on screen for mobile gamers.

League of Legends used as an example by Apple

To mark the iPhone 12s gaming abilities. Apple used the League of Legends as an example to prove the iPhone 12s capability to play “console-quality games” with ease.

Will Apple’s iPhone 12 be the best for gaming?

Over the years, the significance of mobile gaming has caused Android and Apple to modify its devices with the gaming market in mind. Improvements have included larger screens, better graphics, and 5G connectivity, which all offer an optimum device for playing console-type games in the palm of your hand.

Mainstream mobile creators, such as Apple, create excellent phones. And the iPhone 12 is sure to satisfy many gaming appetites. But, there are lesser-known mobiles such as Nubia RedMagic 5G, Asus ROG3, Razer Phone 2, and XIAOMI Black Shark 3, which are much more deserving of the title as the world’s best mobile gaming device. Each possess outstanding functionality, power, graphics, and, of course, a longer battery life.

Although not on par, the iPhone 11, as described by t3, was Apple’s best gaming device. And the iPhone 12 is set to be an improvement on its predecessor. If you like the Apple phone style and enjoy gaming on mobile, purchasing an iPhone 12 is the next natural step for you. But, if you’re not too concerned with the Apple brand, opting for devices such as the Razer Phone 2 mentioned above is far more suitable for mobile gaming.

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