Will Samsung’s Galaxy S9 copy Apple’s Animoji?

Rumors suggest when Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are released they will copy the iPhone X’s Animoji feature and Samsung’s version could be even more advanced.

This type of copying is not uncommon. Whenever Apple debuts a unique feature, more often than not, a competitor will release their own version so it is not surprising that someone is trying to copy the Animoji feature. This latest rumor comes from Korean publication ETNews who claims Samsung is developing 3D Emoji for its latest model. Exactly what they will call this feature is still unknown.

The report also suggests Samsung’s version of Animoji will have sharing capabilities and we assume this will be available whether the other user has an S9 or not. It is also possible that Samsung will make these 3D Emoji usable in other parts of the operating system, something Apple has been working on for a while. However, what is most exciting is because the 3D Emoji will be powered by facial recognition, it is very likely the new devices will also incorporate the “Intelligent Scan” face unlock feature, allowing Samsung to compete with Apple on a more level playing field.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at an event on February 25 and until then, we can only speculate about their latest device. The phone will reportedly go on sale in mid-March.

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