Windows 10 Anniversary Update Delayed for VAIO Phone Biz

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Delayed for VAIO Phone Biz

While Microsoft started rolling out the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile a few weeks ago, that update has not yet become available for every device running the operating system. A good case in point is the VAIO Phone Biz, for which the update has been delayed due to an issue with Continuum.

On its website, VAIO has explained – in Japanese, though the words have been posted in English by MSPoweruser, which has used Google Translate – the reason for the update delivery’s postponement. VAIO has revealed that, right now, it is “preparing a Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update to VAIO Phone Biz, but a problem to which is one of the major features Continuum has been found to occur.”

The company further details: “After the Anniversary Update is applied, Continuum does not work in combination with the display of a specific resolution.” Therefore, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. has, alongside Microsoft Corporation, been working to overcome the problem. VAIO adds: “But sorry for the inconvenience, please wait for a while now until the official launch.”

While the VAIO Phone Biz is currently available solely in Japan, it remains particularly noteworthy among Windows 10 Mobile handsets for its silver aluminum finish; Microsoft has widely adopted plastic casings instead for its own Lumia smartphones.

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