Windows 10 Becoming More Popular with Gamers, Microsoft Says

Windows 10 is coming into its own as a gaming platform, judging from several new statistics that Microsoft has released about the popularity of gaming on its flagship operating system.

Hailing “incredible … momentum heading into the holidays”, the Redmond corporation declared that November saw hours spent gaming on the platform exceed those on Windows 8 for the first time.

The company additionally enthused that, since Windows 10’s July launch, more than 5 million hours of Xbox One game content has been streamed to PCs running the system, while in November alone, almost 30% of all Steam players gamed on Windows 10, according to a Valve survey.

Microsoft also had good news for Windows 10 adoption in general, noting that almost 20% of all non-mobile devices now use the OS – approximately double the rate of three months ago. However, this particular statistic might actually have slightly disappointed Microsoft, given the huge number of in-use computers that are compatible with Windows 10, which remains free to update to until next July.

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