Windows 10 now lets you export your Minecraft creations in 3D

Good news for Minecraft players. You can finally save your in-game creations as 3D models in the Windows 10 version of the game.  This feature was actually tested in a beta a few months ago but its now a main-branch feature.

To export, users need to place a special block down near your sculpture and give it a few parameters, how many blocks you want to capture etc. The resulting model will then be exported to Remix 3D, Microsoft’s new platform for sharing 3D models and animations.

If you so wish, you’re then able to share it with others or export it again to Paint 3D where you can decorate it further or export it to more interoperable formats.

Windows 10 players should be able to find the new feature as soon as they log into the game. Of course, there are a number of third-party apps that have allowed you to do this for years. Check them out here.

Despite making the transition from niche indie game to a global platform, versions of Minecraft on Windows have generally lead in advanced features like mods and app integrations.


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