Windows 10 Now on 400 Million Active Devices, Microsoft Says

Windows 10 Now On 400 Million Active Devices, Microsoft Says

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 is now on 400 million active devices, the adoption growth having most likely slowed after the period of the operating system’s free availability ended.

Microsoft executives shared the new figure earlier today, as its Ignite conference kicked off in Atlanta, reports ZDNet. The company uses the term “active devices” to refer to devices that have been used during the last 28 days, Microsoft officials indicated.

While the 400 million figure also takes account of tablets, phones, Xbox One consoles, HoloLens sets and Surface Hubs running Windows 10, PCs are, naturally, likely to make up the vast majority of those active Windows 10 devices.

The operating system had reached 300 million active devices by May 5 and 207 million by March’s end – meaning that, unsurprisingly, users have been picking up Windows 10 at a slower rate during the period when Microsoft stopped offering it as a free update for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

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