Windows 10-Optimized Microsoft Office Set for Windows Store?

Microsoft has been pushing the Windows Store as a portal for more easily downloading Windows 10 apps – and, now, a test version of productivity suite Microsoft Office has been noticed in the store.

The Redmond company appears to be readying, or at least considering, a version of Office that can be downloaded with just one click and is specifically optimized for use on Windows 10. Such a version of the suite could also be more easily issued with updates by Microsoft.

Though Microsoft Office apps are already available in the Windows Store, these are touch-based versions more obviously suited for mobile use. In line with Microsoft’s Project Centennial, aimed at helping developers to port their Win32-based apps to the Windows Store, this alternative version of Office should enable tighter integration, including live-tile support, with desktop Windows 10.

You should probably, however, wait for the finished version of Windows 10-optimized Office rather than try the test version. WinBeta has reported its inability to get the installed test apps working, while some other people are said to have failed in even initiating the download.

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