Few Windows phones in line for Windows 10 Creators Update

While users of both the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10 will start receiving the long-anticipated Creators Update this month, many Windows phone users will apparently be left out.

In a blog post late last month, Microsoft revealed that, on April 11, the Creators Update will start globally rolling out to customers as a free update. This update, so-called as it will bring an array of exciting creativity tools alongside other features, will start hitting mobile on April 25.

However, ZDNet has cited sources reporting that only a select few Windows phones will be eligible for the Creators Update. Those handsets will include Alcatel’s IDOL 4S and OneTouch Fierce XL and Microsoft’s Lumia 550, 640, 640 XL, 650 (pictured above), 650 XL, 950 and 950 XL models.

The HP Elite x3, Lenovo Softbank 503LV, MCJ Madosma Q601, Trinity NuAns Neo and VAIO VPB051 are also included, so say these sources. Nonetheless, this list might not be final, as numerous people have taken to Twitter to report using preview builds of Windows 10 Mobile’s Creators Update on handsets other than those mentioned above.

In a statement to ZDNet, Microsoft admitted that “a device may not be able to receive the Creators Update if the device hardware is incompatible, lacking current drivers, or otherwise outside of the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (‘OEM’) support period. These devices will continue to receive security and servicing fixes according to our OS support policy.”

However, the company also pledged to soon post, to its Product Lifecycle page, a complete list of supported handsets – and so clear the continuing confusion over this issue.

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