Wipeout for iOS Gets a Hefty Accessory Update

Activision and Blast Furnace are determined to make Wipeout  more than a passing glance. The publisher and developer have been hard at work, producing updated content for their smash-hit based off of ABC’s popular obstacle course with the same name. So far, we have seen a few level updates, including a spooky Halloween addition and a few changes to the gameplay. But we had yet to see any real upgrades to outfits or accessories, at least until now.

Wipeout has received a hefty accessory-based update that focuses on unlockables and outfits, rather than new levels or game fixes. The update features a few new outfits, including Pirate, Football Player, and Superhero, so you can dress up your avatar to better suit your tastes. The Slow-Mo helmet has been improved and will now slow down just the obstacles, allowing you to move quickly (instead of being slowed down yourself). All the helmets will now have larger indicators that are easier to read and activate so that you know whenever a power is recharged and ready to go. There is even a new cap called “The Amaze-O-Helmet,” which will allow you to literally walk through some of those tougher obstacles. Thank goodness for that; some of the obstacles are just incredibly hard to maneuver via “touch controls.”

The update also brings in better Facebook and social integration, allowing you to challenge your friends easier. After all, a lot of the fun of Wipeout is beating your friends’ high scores and assessing your dominance as the king or queen of the virtual obstacle course. Developers have also added a new iPhone 5 version, which fits perfectly on the larger screen of Apple’s latest handset.

The only thing that disappoints me about this update is the lack of any “Holiday Levels.” Hopefully we will see some in a subsequent update before the end of the season. You can grab Wipeout (if you haven’t already) from the App Store for the low, low, price of USD $1.99.

Photo Credit: Activision

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