Women Vote Apple Best Company for Female Employees

Women Vote Apple Best Company for Female Employees

The tech industry is a male-dominated one, so it’s impressive that, in surveys conducted by Fairygodboss, women have voted Apple the best and fairest company for females to work for.

Apple has been given the top spot in a list of rankings that is daily updated on the Fairygodboss website. At the time of writing, the company has a 78% score – just ahead of second-placed Deloitte Accenture with 75.7%. Google, Microsoft and IBM are among the other tech firms appearing in the top 25.

These rankings are based on anonymous surveys, with companies appearing only when they have attracted at least 30 reviews. 74% of respondents have said that, at Apple, women are treated fairly and equally to men, while 78% would recommend the company to other women.

Especially high profile female employees at Apple include Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail; Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, who spoke about many of Apple’s eco-friendly measures at the iPhone SE launch event in March; and Jen Folse, the Design Lead who demoed Apple’s new TV app at the company’s most recent media event in late October.

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