‘World’s first USB-C iPhone’ sells for $80,000

iPhone Charging Point

The ‘world’s first USB-C iPhone’ has sold for more than $80,000 on eBay.

Last week, a seller on eBay from Zürich, Switzerland, listed a modified iPhone featuring a USB-C port and allowed consumers to bid on the product. Naturally, the novelty item attracted a great deal of attention from consumers and technology fans, and as such, the item has fetched an eye-watering return for the seller.

“This phone is the first public iPhone made with a USB-C (Type-C) port. The phone, a black iPhone X 64GB,” the seller said on eBay at the time of listing. “It has been featured on news outlets around the world (The Verge, Wired, Gizmodo. ) and seen by more than a million people on Youtube.”

The model was modified by Ken Pillonel, a robotics student. He posted the video on YouTube at the start of the month, leading many to be interested in the product and wanting one of their own.

For a number of years, Apple has been rumored to remove the Lightning port from its iPhone and transition to USB-C, as it’s done with the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

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