Worried about your child’s safety online? Head to Apple’s new ‘Families’ section on their website

Apple families

This week, Apple has added a new “Families” section to their website, in the wake of investors urging the tech giant to address smartphone addition among children. This new page gives tips to help parents keep their children safe online.

Apple has recently put into place a range of kid-friendly features and outlines these on this webpage. These features will allow children to benefit from and experience all the positive aspects of the internet while keeping them safe and protected.

App Updates

The app store’s kids section is entirely tailored towards giving children the best experience online. Parents can now prevent children from installing new apps or enable the Ask to Buy feature which allows you to approve any purchases.

You can also monitor their web searches, preventing them from viewing adult content or anything else you don’t want them to see online.

Tracking Features

Apple has also ensured parents can rest assured their children are safe, using tracking features. Some are arguing that this taken parental protection too far, but it helps parents stay assured that their children are where they say they are.

This feature is also useful for locating lost devices and allows you to erase all your data if your device has been stolen.

Share Purchases

Sick of purchasing the same app multiple times? Now families can share their purchases as well as their Apple Music subscription. This feature also allows families to share photos, calendars and storage.

Health and safety

Since introducing the Apple Watch to the family, Apple has placed a big focus on health. The Apple Watch can set daily challenges for the family, allowing you to compete to do the most exercise. You can also input your Medical ID into your iPhone in case of emergency.

Safety is also a big focus for Apple and features such as Do Not Disturb While Driving and Emergency SOS are helping keep all family members safe.

Head to Apple’s “Families” webpage to find out more about everything they are offering!

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