Writer Gives a Video Review of Twelve South’s New Mac Candle

Writer Gives a Video Review of Twelve South’s New Mac Candle

You can’t quite describe it when you come across it, but it’s easily recognizable upon unpacking a new Mac, iPhone or other Apple product. Yes, we’re talking about that distinctive fresh-out-of-the-factory smell – and 9to5Mac writer Jeff Benjamin has gone hands-on with a new candle that replicates it.

Well, it replicates it… to a large extent. Apple accessory maker Twelve South recently introduced a candle, called the New Mac Candle, which the company claims gives its own interpretation of the unique smell. It’s fortunate that this was pointed out, as Benjamin opines that the candle “doesn’t smell exactly like new Apple hardware, but I find that it evokes enough redolence to live up to its namesake.”

It’s a completely hand-poured soy wax candle that combines the scents of basil, lavender, mandarin, mint, peach and sage to bring what Benjamin calls “quite the pleasing smell on its own”. He adds: “The best way I can describe it is “clean” — it puts off a very clean-smelling scent.”

This New Mac Candle, which Twelve South offers for $24 with free shipping in the US, can burn for 45-55 hours, during which time the distinctive aroma can be even stronger than it is when there isn’t a flame, Benjamin has found. Alternatively, you could buy some new Apple hardware to enjoy the real thing…

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