WWDC Set to Unveil AI-Enhanced Siri: New Features & Capabilities Expected Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce a revolutionary version of Siri, enhanced with generative AI, at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This version promises more natural conversations and user-specific personalization.


Apple is on the brink of showcasing an innovative version of Siri, now powered by generative AI, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This development, initially hinted at by a reliable source on the Korean social media platform Naver, indicates significant advancements in Siri’s capabilities. The source, known for their accurate Apple leaks, reveals that Apple’s progress with generative AI involves the Ajax-based model mentioned by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in July.

The upgraded Siri is expected to offer remarkably natural conversation flows and enhanced user personalization. This breakthrough suggests that Siri could maintain continuity in interactions across various Apple devices. Additionally, there is buzz about an “Apple-specific creational service”, possibly extending the Siri-based Shortcuts capabilities that rumors indicate could happen in iOS 18.

In a move to expand Siri’s functionality, Apple is believed to be developing connections for the AI assistant to integrate with a variety of external services, likely through an API. Interestingly, there is speculation that access to some of these new AI features might be linked to subscription service status, although details remain unclear.

These rumors align with predictions from Deepwater Asset Management, which also anticipated Apple’s integration of generative AI into Siri this year.

While the Naver blog account has a history of both hits and misses in predicting Apple’s moves, its track record includes accurate pre-release information about the third-generation iPhone SE and the delayed launch of new MacBook Pro models.

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