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Xbox One Elite Bundle, with New Controller, for November 3

The Xbox One might have fallen far behind the PlayStation 4 in the race for dominance of the games console market, but renewed interest in the Microsoft unit could be encouraged by the release of a new, rather eye-opening package, the Xbox One Elite Bundle, on November 3.

The bundle – which, in the US, for the first month of availability, will be available exclusively from Microsoft Stores and GameStop – has two particularly striking headline features. One of these is the new Xbox One Elite wireless controller, which includes an impressive roster of customization options, plus interchangeable paddles, Hair Trigger Locks and much more.

The other major change for this bundle is, in place of the console’s usual cylinder-based hard drive, a solid state hybrid variant. The solid state element of this drive should help to boost load times and energy efficiency.

There will also be a matte, rather than glossy, finish for the console unit itself, which should mean less inadvertent scratches and smudges. The US price for the Xbox One Elite Bundle will be $499.

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