Xcode Cloud private beta access ‘will be expanded to more developers in February’


Last year, Apple unveiled Xcode Cloud, a new platform for developers enabling them to accelerate the development process through the running of automated tests and other tasks in the cloud. The platform remains available in private beta form, but Apple has said access will be expanded to more developers shortly, amid expectations of an official launch later in 2022.

Xcode Cloud allows developers to configure workflows to suit their development process, or use built-in workflows that they can customize over time.

Developers were given access to Xcode Cloud in June 2021, with over 10,000 developer teams getting involved in the private beta test.

In an email seen by 9to5Mac, Apple revealed that access to the Xcode Cloud beta is set to expand “over the coming weeks”, in an indication that more developers will have the chance to try the platform in February.

The email also confirms that Xcode Cloud will be officially launched to make it accessible to all developers later this year, although no specific date has been given. Apple has promised to share more details closer to the time.

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