Yet to install iOS 11? Watch out for the 32-bit app-ocalypse

Many iPhone and iPad users have been dragging their feet with the transition to iOS 11. However, their reticence could be rewarded, as the new operating system is incompatible with various 32-bit apps on which many users could still rely. Are you prepared for the 32-bit app-ocalypse?

It’s worth pointing out that the death of 32-bit apps on iOS has been a long time coming. Apple’s first 64-bit iOS device, the iPhone 5s, debuted in 2013. Apple later made it necessary for all iOS apps released or updated after 2015 to be 32-bit.

Nonetheless, with various apps having been effectively abandoned by their developers for years, it’s clear that not everyone would have got the memo. If you are one of many people yet to make the leap to iOS 11, there’s a quick and easy way of checking if any of your apps won’t come along.

Head into your device’s Settings app and then tap General, About, and then Applications. If you’ve reached the right screen, you’ll see the heading “App Compatibility” and, if relevant, a list of apps beneath a warning that they will not work on iOS 11.

Yet to install iOS 11? Watch out for the 32-bit app-ocalypse

In our case shown by the screenshot above, two apps have simply been abandoned while the other – Streets of Rage 2 – was pulled from the App Store years ago. If you still want to hold onto any of your 32-bit apps, you will just have to avoid updating the device to iOS 11.

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