You Don’t Know Jack Lands in the App Store … Finally

I can remember playing You Don't Know Jack when it first came out years ago on the Mac. It was just so fun and different at the time, taking trivia to an all-new level. Even if I didn't know the answers, I still wanted to play. It was entertaining, combining trivia with pop culture.

The game caught on with many people and even enjoyed a run on TV on ABC, hosted by Paul Reubens of PeeWee Herman fame. It didn't last long in that format. It's not meant for the small screen apparently. The Jellyvision game is meant for even smaller screens, though, as it's now being released in the App Store, after enjoying runs on game systems and Facebook.

The iOS version has all the same fun as I remember from years ago. The games are just a little shorter and are now interactive, since I'm not playing on a CD, but am playing over an Internet connection. Instead of playing against someone sitting next to me, I'm playing against others in the YDKJ world and we're only answering five questions at a time, not twenty-one.

It's a free download, and you get one free game each day. Others will cost you 200 coins, and if you don't have enough, but still wish to play, you can pony up some cash and buy some more. I'll admit to doing that, but will claim the excuse that I needed to do some research for this review. However, with no excuses, it's just so fun, I had to keep playing.


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