YouTube Advice from Posh Spice…


One of the most recent posts here at Apple Magazine centered on the ever-changing face of YouTube, who recently announced the launch of a knockoff Netflix. We also talked about how the YouTube was once a career launching platform; the home to modern stardom. Now, it seems that platform has done a 180 and now the stars are coming to YouTube.

VB takes on YT

World-famous business woman, fashion designer and all-round icon Victoria Beckham has been a global superstar since her debut with the Spice Girls in 1996, even if nowadays she is more renowned for her contribution to the fashion industry than the music industry. We’re not quite sure what exactly makes her an icon, but that is part of the magic of the VB brand. After she famously ruled out taking part in next year’s reunion tour with her former bandmates, the mum-of-four is filling her time with a rather surprising venture.

Before becoming a go-to for the latest music videos and as one of the lesser-known platforms for renting and buying movies digitally, YouTube was, for a period of time, a launchpad for potential stars. Whatever their niche, it seemed that there was a voice for everything on YouTube. Former teen idol Justin Bieber was famously discovered on YouTube after posting his singing videos and in the fashion and make-up field, British vlogger Zoe Sugg (known as Zoella) turned her passion for fashion into a million-dollar brand after gaining a wealth of worldwide popularity on the video sharing network.

If you wannabe a YouTuber, you gotta be a celeb

Now, it seems that the tables of turned. The worldwide celebrity is coming to YouTube, a notion it seems no one could’ve predicted way back in 2006, when YouTube first surfaced in a format which would now seem alien to us in 2018. Victoria has said that her channel will feature styling tutorials, behind the scenes exclusives on her collections and beauty secrets. Despite being only a day or two old, 20,000 subscribers say they’ll be there.

Too Much exposure?

What seems rather tragic about this move is that, like the streaming service YouTube announced last week,  by giving a global celebrity yet another global platform, it removes the video site further again from its original purpose and could potentially stop those in obscurity having an accessible platform. Still, speaking on her Instagram announcing the post, Victoria seems adamant that this is what her audience wants. And no, despite insisting that her popstar days are behind her, Victoria can’t resist throwing out a shameless Spice reference now and then:

“Apparently people want it. It’s what they want, what they really really want. And it’s coming to my channel.”