YouTube iOS App Now Supports Split View, Slide Over on iPads

YouTube iOS App Now Supports Split View, Slide Over on iPads

Many of us turn straight to YouTube when we fancy binge-watching video. So, users of recent iPads should be delighted to learn that the video sharing site’s iOS app now supports the Split View and Slide Over multitasking features introduced with iOS 9.

The update to the YouTube app, now at version 11.10, means that users of compatible iPads can now watch various YouTube videos – and there’s hardly a shortage of them to choose from – while busying themselves with another app. This can clearly be useful for productivity, especially on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro; transcribing YouTube video interviews, for example, can now be much easier.

Peculiarly, the app still doesn’t support Picture in Picture, the other iPad multitasking feature that debuted with iOS 9. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this rectified in a further update in the near future.

Split View, pictured in action above, is available on the iPad Air 2, both iPad Pros and the iPad Mini 4. Slide Over is more broadly available, being compatible with the iPad Air or later, the iPad Mini 2 or later, and both iPad Pros.

The freshly updated YouTube app for iOS is free to download from the App Store.

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