YouTube My Break! We Try Out the British KitKat Promotion

YouTube My Break! We Try Out The British KitKat Promotion

You may recall our report last month about, in the UK, a selection of KitKat chocolate bars being rebranded ‘YouTube Break’ bars as part of a peculiar promotional collaboration between YouTube and candy maker Nestlé. Well, we decided to get our hands on one of these bars for a greater insight into the promotion and what it’s really all about.

While in Britain, we spied a ‘YouTube Break’ bar in a shop and bought it. Initially, the promotion didn’t seem much more than cosmetic; after all, the bar tasted and even looked the same as a standard KitKat bar. The most exciting part of the promotion, however, has to be the accompanying YouTube videos.

As suggested on the Nestle website, we used the voice search function of the Google app installed on a mobile device to say “OK Google, YouTube my break”. As pledged, we were led to a short YouTube video about the UK promotion, which you can view below, and a playlist of top-trending YouTube videos, including a lovably quirky one marking the social media site’s tenth anniversary.

We had originally assumed that the videos made by KitKat for the promotion would only be accessible through using some kind of special code from KitKat bars bought in Britain. However, it turns out that these videos can be easily watched by anyone through YouTube. We especially love this video from the French-Canadian filmmaker, Patrick Boivin. Just check out that teddy bear’s moves!

Though the ‘YouTube Break’ bars seem limited to the UK and Ireland for now, frankly, it doesn’t look like we in the States are missing out on too much. All of the above mentioned video content can already be viewed on YouTube in our country – and, if you are enough of a technologically savvy KitKat fan to be interested in the promotion in the first place, you are unlikely to need much help from a chocolate bar to find this video content. Treat yourself to a YouTube break, but there’s no need to first buy any special KitKat.

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