YouTube No Longer Available On Older Devices

YouTube has decided to retire an older version of its app, meaning that users of older devices may no longer be able to access the service. The decision is likely to affect owners of pre-2013 devices such as first and second-generation Apple TVs and older smart TV sets made by Sony and Panasonic. Owners of some Blu-ray players may also be left disappointed. The move is part of YouTube’s adoption of Data API v3.


A number of devices can’t be updated to the new app. These include some older iPhones, the first iPad and the first-to-fourth generation iPod Touch. Any Apple device running iOS 7 or a more recent version should be able to update the app automatically.

The decision has affected some of Google’s own devices, including early versions of Google TV. However, YouTube can still be accessed via Safari or any Flash or HTML5-supporting browser, no matter how old the hardware in question or what operating system is being run.

YouTube recently unveiled new plans to charge users for content. Chinese company DJI recently unveiled drones that can send live footage to the service. It has become one of the world’s most successful drone manufacturers.

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