ZAGG Rolling Out Two New Bluetooth Keyboard iPad Mini Cases

Well before Apple announced the iPad Min, it was reported that many accessory companies were already producing cases and other attachments. Like many others, I am on the hunt for a quality case, combing good protections with a Bluetooth keyboard combo for my future iPad Mini usage. After sifting through many different products, Zagg’s Mini 7 really caught my eye with its sleek look, decent pricing, and high production value.

The case has an “intuitive built-in stand to hold the tablet at an ideal viewing angle,” which makes typing easier and is priced at $89.99. There is a second case dubbed the Mini 9 which offers a larger keyboard for people with larger hands for the same price as the Mini 7. The Mini 9’s keyboard has “dedicated function keys” and “island-style keys engineered to provide 90% of the space of a traditional keyboard” for people who have larger hands.

The cases will ship in weeks, but the orders are going fast and most likely will be out of stock soon. The Mini 9 is available in black and white, while the 7 is currently only available in black. If you were looking for a quality iPad Mini case with a Bluetooth keyboard, this is a solid option and hopefully it helped in your search.

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