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ZAGG Unveils Four New Keyboard Cases for 9.7-Inch iPad Pro

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro set for release next week promises to make a great laptop replacement – and, for heavy duty text entry, you can invest in one of ZAGG’s freshly revealed keyboard cases for the tablet.

ZAGG is offering a choice of four such cases, each at a different price point: the Messenger Folio, Folio, Slim Book and Rugged Book. At $59.99, the Messenger Folio is the cheapest and includes island-style keys and an adjustable stand.

You can get the same keys, but also full-body protection, for $99.99 with the Folio, while the Slim Book – priced at $129.99 – offers backlit keys and a two-year battery. At $149.99, the Rugged Book, pictured above, is especially effective for protecting your tablet in tough environments.

None of these cases are yet available for purchase, but ZAGG says that they are “coming soon” – presumably just before or shortly after the 9.7-inch iPad Pro goes on sale on March 31.

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