Zynga’s Colossal Executive Surrender Continues

Zynga has been plagued lately with a mass of executive resignations. It seems that not a day goes by now without news of another “big name” leaving the company in order to pursue other endeavors. And to be honest, who can really blame anyone for wanting to leave?

Zynga has seen a downright ugly profit loss in the pass couple months and many analysts are questioning the companies financial strategies. This speculation comes from the recent buyout of Draw Something developer OMG POP, which has so far proven to be a dire mistake.

Draw Something’s user database immediately dwindled by almost half after the purchase. This drop in user subscriptions eventually led to the departure of OMG POP executive Wilson Kriegel.

And to make matters worse, reports today are outing another potential key advisor loss for the company with the (possible) loss of CSO  Nils Puhlmann. The technology savvy website Tech Crunch broke the news. Editors also made an attempt to reach out to Zynga and quoted that the developer neither confirmed nor denied that Puhlmann had left the company. If this news is true though, it will be another striking blow to a company that has already lost eleven other executives in the last two months.

With this latest news and the impending legal drama that Zynga is sustaining with Electronic Arts, it seems that there is no sign of positive news on the horizon.

Photo Credit: Zynga

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