10 Best Travel Apps on iOS COVID is over, vacations are in, and travel apps are more popular than ever.


According to Statista, the revenue from travel apps will increase by 64% by 2027. But even without the numbers, every traveler can feel it in the air — the urge to use these tools is irresistible. Together with the team from Zoftify, we have prepared a list of the best travel apps for this season that go beyond just booking flights and hotels.


Timeshifter is an innovative app designed to minimize the effects of jet lag. Users can input their usual sleep patterns, flight details, and desired adjustment speed to the new time zone, and the app responds with a customized plan covering when to be exposed to light, sleep, eat, and avoid screen time. 

The Timeshifter app is ideal for frequent travelers or those embarking on long-haul flights. Adhering to these plans can help adjust your body clock before travel, and reduce jet lag once you arrive. By preparing in advance and making small lifestyle changes as directed in the app, you can feel rested and productive at your destination right away.


PackPoint is a free travel packing list organizer. This app tells you what to put in your luggage based on your destination and trip duration. You select the destination and the travel dates, and it constructs a tailor-made packing list, including clothes, toiletries, chargers, and other important stuff.

A packing list, together with a “Must Haves” checklist, will ensure that you don’t leave behind your important identification, tickets, gadgets, and chargers. It will also estimate the baggage—its size and count—that the things on your list will fill up.


Steven is a no-cost app designed for managing shared expenses and splitting bills among friends and groups. It allows users to create groups for dividing costs like meals, rent, and groceries. Each group member can contribute to a collective balance, and expenses can be split equally or according to specific shares.

The app makes sure all payments are tracked and balanced correctly, simplifying the process of managing shared financial obligations. With its straightforward interface, Steven is an effective tool for ensuring everyone pays their fair share without the need for manual calculations or following up on debts.

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Flexiroam is an iOS app that provides international data coverage through the use of eSIM technology. eSIM is a non-physical, embedded SIM right in your smartphone. With this technology, Flexiroam offers its services in over 200 countries on a variety of cellular networks.

Flexiroam has different data plans, and you can buy extra data if you need it. Coverage is on 4G/5G networks if available, bringing you high-speed internet access during travel. The app allows users to monitor their data usage in real time, which helps in avoiding unwanted fees. Flexiroam strives to offer reliable and cost-effective international data coverage, aiming to simplify staying connected while traveling.


Pruvo tracks your existing hotel reservations with free cancellations. If the hotel drops its price post-booking, the app rebooks you at a lower price. It can also suggest other cheaper hotels if there’s a significant drop in prices. For the budget traveler or deal hunter, Pruvo will save hours searching through endless websites for the best deals on hotels. 

There are more than 200,000 hotels worldwide on Pruvo, including the most prominent chains like Marriott and Hilton. According to Pruvo, its users saved up to 60% on hotel costs for its users. The application is free — Pruvo makes money only through commissions from these hotels, so no other fee will be charged.


Wanderlog is a useful travel app for planning and logging your trips. The app provides an intuitive interface to build customized itineraries by adding locations you want to visit. You can save places like museums, restaurants, hotels, and activities to your itinerary and Wanderlog will organize them on a map and timeline for you. 

The app allows you to discover new locations along your route based on your interests. You can also get recommendations for the best things to see and do in each city from local experts and other travelers. Wanderlog makes it easy to keep all your travel plans, bookmarks, photos, and memories in one place so you have a comprehensive diary of your adventures.


Flio is a travel application focused on providing up-to-date information about your flights. It delivers live updates on flight statuses, including delays, gate changes, and baggage details. Additionally, the app offers essential airport information like gate locations and amenities.

If you face any issues with baggage, Flio’s customer service is available around the clock in multiple languages to assist within 48 hours or offer a refund. Flio aims to reduce the typical stresses of air travel, so you can focus more on enjoying your trip.


The Flush app offers a straightforward yet functional approach to finding restrooms in your area. With a database of over 200,000 restrooms, it employs your device’s GPS to display nearby facilities and delivers specifics such as operational hours, available amenities, and user reviews.

Particularly useful for road trips or when visiting unfamiliar locations, Flush becomes an essential tool if you have a medical condition or are just a bit nervous. The app supports offline functionality, enabling you to download information about restrooms at your destination beforehand, which helps avoid excessive data charges abroad. With its crowd-sourced content and live updates on the cleanliness and availability of facilities, Flush ensures you have reliable restroom options when nature calls.

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WiFi Map  

WiFi Map is designed to help you find available public WiFi spots worldwide. This application comes with crowd-based mapping for free internet access points in more than 100 countries, counting over 150 million hotspots.

Within the app, users can search for networks by applying filters such as connection speed, encryption type, and venue location. Before you connect, it’s possible to browse through recent user comments that detail the network’s quality and reliability. After using the network, you also have the chance to leave your own rating and comments, helping future users make informed decisions. Additionally, the app provides the functionality to bookmark your favorite hotspots, making them more readily accessible for subsequent visits.


Stasher offers a service that is useful for securely storing your belongings while traveling. The app links you with an array of local businesses, like hotels, cafes, and shops, that provide luggage storage options either hourly or daily. You just need to pick a “StashPoint” on the app, leave your luggage there, and then go about your day until it’s time to collect your items.

No need to lug heavy bags around or make unnecessary trips back to your accommodation for your belongings. The network of Stasher includes over 1,500 locations spread across 100 cities globally, with different prices and durations. Whether you plan ahead or decide last minute, the app makes it straightforward and economical to handle your luggage when you’re in unfamiliar locations.

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