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iOS 11 beta available to public testing group

Apple has now release the first iOS 11 beta to a public testing group.  The update has been available to developers since 5th June, and now users who are not registered developers can test the update before it is officially released in the fall.

Until now, only registered developers who pay $99 a year could test the update, but now Apple welcomes users to sign up and become a tester and provide the company with feedback.

However, signing up to become one of the first the test the new update might not be as exciting as it sounds.  The update will undoubtedly have issues, or it wouldn’t still be in the development stage.  Typically beta updates bring issues such as worse battery life and your device can overheat very easily.  The general performance is likely to be slow, with apps crashing, bugs appearing and some features missing entirely.

To stop your main device being affected, it is recommended that you use a test device to try out iOS 11.  Backing up the device you use onto iTunes will prevent you losing anything off the device.

When iOS 11 does officially launch later this year, it will bring a whole range of new features, aimed primarily at improving the iPad, but it will also be available on other Apple devices.




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