5 reasons why you need a VPN

Whether you spend most of your time in the office or you work from home, the chances are that you’ve considered a VPN. A VPN (also known as a virtual private network) is a must-have tool for busy professionals, allowing you to access content and keep your data safe on public Wi-Fi and, indeed, on your home WiFi network, too. Below, we’ve put together just some of the reasons why you need a VPN for Mac – and explain how they stop big brands from tracking you.

Stream your favorite content

One of the most immediate benefits of installing virtual private network software on your computer or Mac is that you can stream your favorite content when you’re not in your home country. Whether you’re a huge Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fan or like catching up on your favorite Disney films on Disney+, you’ll know that some content is location-specific. When traveling for work or play, a VPN will ‘trick’ content providers into thinking you’re in your home country.

Feel safer on public WiFi

The truth is that public WiFi connections – including those in your local coffee shop – aren’t as safe as they should be. Bad actors can access your browser history and tap into what you’re doing online, which could spell disaster if you’re working on a confidential project or ordering from an eCommerce store and handing over your card details. Sure, there are lots of ways that you can improve your cybersecurity online, like setting strong passwords and using two-factor authentication, but nothing can replace the power of a virtual private network. The best part is that most VPN companies have dedicated mobile apps, so you can protect yourself on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac under one subscription. Stop criminals from accessing your information.

Make online banking safer

As we’ve just touched upon, protecting your security online has never been more important. Indeed, in today’s digital-first times, criminals are replacing break-ins with hackings – and you are as vulnerable as the next person. One report found that more than 60% of Americans believe they’ve fallen victim to an online scam or had their personal information hacked, and whilst a VPN can’t stop those annoying spam messages, they can ensure people can’t access your online banking information. A good VPN can add another layer of encryption to your online banking that nobody can break into – not even your bank or your internet service provider.

Unblock websites

Whether you’re at school, in the office, or traveling abroad and want to access social media sites, online games, or other content, a VPN could help you bypass any blocks or limits. Many companies restrict access to particular websites, and in countries like China, Twitter is blocked. Bypassing blocked content allows you to be productive and do the things you want to do online, and the best part is that the company or country cannot see that you’re accessing such content.

Save money when shopping online

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that VPNs could help you save money when you’re shopping online. That’s because they can cloak your identity and ensure companies, trackers, and other third parties cannot collect your data or information about your search history. Whether you’re signing up for a streaming service, booking flight tickets, making hotel bookings, or playing video games online, VPNs can help you access the very best deals. Some companies change prices depending on how many times you’ve visited and searched for a product. A good VPN will mask this. Likewise, VPNs allow you to access location-based discounts (for example, YouTube Premium is $11.99 in the United States but just Rs 129 [$1.56] when subscribing from India).

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