5 Simple and free online tools to enhance your social media presence


A Harris Poll recently concluded that when it comes to social media presence, more is always better. An estimated 55% of consumers now learn about new brands on social media, while 68% of consumers think social media enables them to interact with their favorite brands. 1

It’s clear to see that social media is worth an investment for your business. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire an expensive firm right away since you have free or low-cost social media apps at your disposal. 

Below you can find some online tools that are easy to use and that can help you improve your social media presence.

1. Later

Later is a new free tool for people seeking to organize their Instagram accounts. 

Starting out as a scheduling tool for the app, the company has since spread its accessibility to other social media platforms and is constantly updating with new features. 

Later can help make your social media presence more organized and delineated as possible. It’s also free to use, though there are special features such as captions, analytics, and schedulable stories if you buy a subscription for $9 a month.

2. Free photo editors like BeFunky

One part of creating social media content is to create attractive infographics that are fun to read, easy to follow, and formatted in a modern way. 

True, it’s hard to design such a graphic from scratch. However, you can make your photos pop with BeFunky, and create attractive and artistic images with ease.

3. TweetDeck

Twitter is one of the busiest social media platforms out there, with millions upon millions of Tweets sent from all over the world every day. Because of its popularity and the fact that one’s Tweets can end up buried under hundreds of other Tweets, organizational skills and knowledge of proper Internet content writing and buzzwords are key. 

One of the most oft-used apps for organizing on Twitter is TweetDeck. With TweetDeck, you can schedule Tweets, build up Tweet lists, find trending keywords, and much more.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been a longstanding champion of the social media organizing app industry. You can use the app to receive in-depth trending reports on your account and globally, schedule posts, and collaborate with team members. 

You can get a free limited plan for 3 accounts but to get more than 3 accounts you will have to pay for a subscription. 

Hootsuite also works with up-and-coming social apps like Mastodon.

5. Planable

Planable is a highly visually-oriented app to enhance social media efficiency and organization. With it, you can plan, create, review, collaborate, and schedule your company’s social media content. 

Planable is best used for companies with several employees to work with, as it thrives on collaborative efforts and executive approval.

Through the app, you can receive feedback, have conversations with clients and employees, request and get approval from superiors, and schedule corporate posts automatically. 

Their free trial version includes free assistance on making better business-related social media content for up to 50 posts.

6. ContentCal

ContentCal is an app for controlling corporate social media accounts. With ContentCal you can create an approval workflow, build up a comprehensive content plan, share your ideas with coworkers and supervisors, and then finally publish your company’s content to multiple social media platforms. 

ContentCal has an effective system for understanding app analytics and helping one understand their content performance across platforms. ContentCal can be plugged into up to 2000 other applications.

Social media marketing matters

According to some research, U.S. social media users will reach 327 million by 2027. In business, you have to market where the people are, and where they spend most of their time. 

An important part of running a social media account, either for personal or business means, is making sure you have the right organizational tools at your disposal. 

Whether you’re starting small as an entrepreneur, or starting a small business, you can make use of low-cost tools online and boost your social media presence.

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