A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming an iOS Developer For Apple natives looking for a career in tech, the role of iOS developer may be the ultimate dream.


In order to achieve that dream and become not just an iOS developer, but a good one, you need
to develop a range of skills before going through the concept of developing, testing, and submitting
your app.

What is an iOS developer?

An iOS developer develops software apps for Apple products. In order to do this, they need to be
skilled programmers as well as have excellent design, marketing, and communication skills in order
to make their app meaningful, attractive to users, and easy to use. Ease of use is a key element; with
so many apps available, end users don’t usually give apps a second chance. So patience is also
important; a great app launched before it is ready is unlikely to succeed, so testing, tweaking, and
retesting are important to get it just right.

Becoming an iOS developer

Apple undoubtedly has a monopoly on the industry, and it doesn’t look as though that will change
any time soon. As a result, the demand for iOS developers is ever-increasing, leaving plenty of
opportunities for those who have the aptitude and desire to pursue a career in iOS development. iOS
developers can be freelance, or they can work as part of a team. If, for example, you take a look at
tech jobs on Motion Recruitment, a tech recruiter, you will see a range of opportunities to become an
iOS developer for an organization.

Undergraduate training

One of the great things about the tech industry is that formal qualifications aren’t essential; it is not
unheard of for skilled tech experts to work their way up in an organization while training on the job, or
even for tech whizzes to be recruited based on their freelance work. In general, though, it can help if
you have at least an undergraduate qualification in a relevant subject, for example, computer science
or software engineering. This will give you a good knowledge base and help you to promote your
skills if you get to the interview stage.

Programming / Development process

Enrolling in an iOS developer course could be beneficial, too; even the most skilled computer
scientists can take a while to get to grips with Swift and Objective-C. Getting a good understanding of
the primary coding language will not only demonstrate your credentials to potential employers but,
whether you go freelance or look for iOS developer jobs, it will help you to be more effective in
developing apps in iOS frameworks, such as SwiftUI and Objective-C.

Start creating

In a world where there seems to be an app for most things, there is still a limitless number of apps yet
to be created. If you aspire to be an iOS developer, the best place to start is by creating a few of your
own. By starting to create apps yourself, you can get acclimatized to the processes without the
pressure of undertaking the work for a specific client or employer. The more apps you create, test and
reiterate, the more familiar you will be with the coding languages, platforms, and processes required to make an intuitive, functioning app that has the potential to become an integral part of consumers’ day-to-day lives.

To start making apps, all you need is iOS IDE (integrated development environment) loaded on your
computer, a lot of imagination, skill, and technical ability. Your apps won’t be perfect, but the more
work you do, the better you will get. Use this practice as well as previous experience to build a
portfolio to demonstrate your skills and experience to future employers.

Gain experience

The end goal may be to have a full-time job as an iOS developer, or it may be for your freelance
career to take off – or even to own your own company. Whatever your aspirations, you are more likely
to achieve them if you get as much experience as you can along the way. There is no harm in seeking
entry-level positions or internships while you gain the skills that you need to do the job you want. It
may even help you to make valuable connections within the industry.

iOS 17 Control Center illustration | Image: MacRumors

Survey the market

Once you have the expertise and experience that you need under your belt, you are ready to take a
look and see what jobs are out there! There are plenty of platforms to search on, but it can also be
beneficial to get in touch with tech recruiters as they will be able to match you to suitable roles, as well
as have an industry insight into future opportunities.

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