Android Users Now Have Access to Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical
Apple Music Classical

Apple has widened the reach of its Apple Music Classical service by launching it for Android users, a first for the platform. This Android iteration of Apple Music Classical closely echoes its iOS version, with an interesting twist that it’s made available on Android even before the Mac or iPad.

In 2021, the tech giant Apple made headlines by acquiring Primephonic, a streaming service dedicated to classical music. Apple had plans to integrate this service into Apple Music through a specialized app for the genre. The fruition of this integration arrived in March with the unveiling of Apple Music Classical, providing a unique platform for classical music aficionados to explore and enjoy.

Subscribers of Apple Music now have access to over five million classical music tracks via the Apple Music Classical app on Android, including curated playlists and exclusive albums, as well as new high-quality releases. A multitude of additional features like composer bios, in-depth analysis of key works, and more is also available.

The Android app caters specifically to classical music lovers, enabling users to explore music by details such as composer, work, conductor, and catalog number. Apple Music Classical provides rich editorial notes and descriptions for more profound understanding.

Apple commissioned high-resolution digital portraits of famed composers like Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, and Johann Sebastian Bach for the app. Each portrait showcases the artistic references and color palettes of the corresponding classical era, with more unique artwork expected to be added over time. The company collaborates with various artists and institutions in the classical music sphere to provide exclusive content and recordings.

Apple Music Classical for Android is available for download on the Google Play Store now. An Apple Music or Apple One subscription is necessary to access the app.

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