Anniversary Update Has Now Reached 76% of All Windows 10 PCs

Anniversary Update Has Now Reached 76% of All Windows 10 PCs

The feature-packed Anniversary Update, the biggest update yet for Windows 10, has now been rolled out to 76.6% of all PCs running Microsoft’s flagship operating system, research has uncovered.

Breaking from its strategy with some previous Windows 10 updates, Microsoft opted to gradually roll out the Anniversary Update across several months. This was presumably in order to limit the strain on Microsoft’s servers, especially as the update’s installation does take a good few minutes to complete.

Still, Microsoft has made good progress with the rollout, according to AdDuplex’s look at the desktop market share for different versions of Windows 10. Microsoft has indicated that this rollout – which is bringing a more powerful Cortana, a speedier Edge web browser, and on-screen annotating features of Windows Ink, among other software additions – might not be complete until early November.

The appeal of the Anniversary Update could help Microsoft to counter the threat of the significantly revamped MacBook Pro and that Apple looks set to unveil at an event in Cupertino next week. Our new issue includes further details about what to expect next Thursday.

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