Apple CEO Allegedly Says AirPods to Ship in “Next Few Weeks”

Apple still hasn’t issued an official word on when its wireless AirPods earphones will arrive, following their delay from October. However, according to a supposed email sent by Apple CEO Tim Cook to a customer, we might only have to wait a few more weeks.

MacRumors reports having been forwarded an email where Cook seemingly replies to a customer’s request for clarification on the AirPods’ release date. That reply is: “Thanks for your note. Sorry for the delay—we are finalizing them and I anticipate we will begin to ship over the next few weeks.”

Having verified the email’s full headers, MacRumors says that they do seem to have come from Apple’s corporate servers, and that Apple executives have indeed occasionally sent email responses to customers’ queries in the past.

However, the news site adds the “boilerplate disclaimer” that such emails remain possible to fake, before noting that Apple has not immediately responded to a request for comment. Nonetheless, a month ago, reports from East Asia did suggest a January shipping time for the AirPods.

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