Apple confirms it will delay ad privacy feature to 2021 following backlash It's disappointing news for consumers.

Apple has confirmed that it will delay one of its widely-anticipated new iOS 14 features based on the backlash from developers, to give them more time to properly implement changes.

An upcoming change in iOS 14 would change the way advertisements are targeted online, both inside of apps and on the Safari web browser.

Companies including Facebook have widely criticized the feature and suggested that its implementation could cut ad revenues by as much as 50% on iOS, prompting many publishers and developers to complain to Apple.

Following a report from The Information, which suggested that Apple could be halting plans to launch the feature in iOS 14, the company confirmed its intentions: “We want to give developers the time they need to make the necessary changes, and as a result, the requirement to use this tracking permission will go into effect early next year.”

The news will no doubt be disappointing to consumers who were looking forward to getting their hands on iOS 14 this October. What’s particularly interesting is that Apple has just released a new advertisement that’s focused on privacy and putting users above advertisers.

However, the company will still introduce changes to ad tracking inside of apps in 2021, giving developers more time to make changes to their infrastructures to accommodate this.

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