Apple Considers Plastic Design for Next-Gen Apple Watch SE to Reduce Costs Apple is exploring a significant design change for its next-generation Apple Watch SE, potentially shifting from aluminum to a plastic shell to make the watch more affordable.


Apple is working on a new version of its most budget-friendly watch, the Apple Watch SE.

According to recent reports, the company is considering using a plastic design for this next-generation model.

The current Apple Watch SE, released in 2022, features an aluminum case and a redesigned back made from a “nylon composite” material instead of ceramic.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed in his latest Power On newsletter that Apple might replace the aluminum casing with rigid plastic for the new model.

This shift aims to reduce production costs and potentially lower the starting price of the watch, which is currently $249. By switching to plastic, Apple could offer the Apple Watch SE at a more competitive price point, closer to Samsung’s lowest-priced watch, which starts at $199.

Apple has experimented with plastic designs before, notably with the iPhone 5C in 2013. The iPhone 5C featured a polycarbonate exterior available in various vibrant colors and was essentially a rebranded version of the iPhone 5.

iphone 5c
iPhone 5C | Polycarbonate Body

Despite its playful design, the device was controversial.

Critics argued that the plastic casing felt like a downgrade from the premium metal finishes of previous models, and many consumers felt that the price was too high for a phone perceived as inferior due to its plastic build.

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6
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