Apple’s 2024 iPad Lineup: Bigger Screens, OLED, and More Apple is poised to revolutionize its iPad range in 2024, with significant updates expected across the board.

Family iPad

These updates range from a larger iPad Air and OLED screens in the iPad Pro to speed enhancements in the iPad Mini.

After a hiatus in 2023, Apple’s iPad lineup is braced for a major refresh. The last update was the M2 iPad Pro in late 2022, which signals a much-anticipated overhaul in the coming year. Key rumors hint at substantial improvements across various iPad models.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is expected to undergo a major transformation with the shift to OLED displays. This change promises to enhance the visual experience significantly. OLED technology, known for its ability to emit light from each pixel independently, eliminates the need for backlights. This leads to truer blacks, higher contrast ratios, and more vibrant colors, which are essential for tasks like graphic design, gaming, and media consumption.

Rumors also suggest the introduction of a new Magic Keyboard, designed to enhance the iPad Pro’s functionality. This keyboard, rumored to feature a sturdier frame and aluminum construction, would also include a USB-C port. The shift to USB-C aligns with Apple’s commitment to universal port standards, offering faster data transfers and a broader compatibility range with accessories.

The 2024 iPad Pro models may also debut the M3 chip, already successful in MacBook Pro and iMac. This 3-nanometer chip is expected to bring superior performance and efficiency. Additionally, a redesigned Apple Pencil with magnetically attachable tips could be introduced, offering greater versatility for creative professionals.

iPad Air

The iPad Air lineup is expected to retain the existing Magic Keyboard but might introduce a larger screen version. The most significant update for the Air models is the transition to the M2 chip, providing enhanced performance, especially in artificial intelligence (AI) and graphics-heavy tasks. A 12.9-inch model could join the lineup by March 2024, while retaining the LED-based Liquid Retina display.

Other Updates

The iPad Mini and the base iPad are also set for updates, likely featuring the A16 chip for improved performance. The upcoming iPad mini 7, however, is not expected to have a 120Hz display, with Apple keeping this feature exclusive to the Pro series.

An interesting development is the expected discontinuation of the iPad 9, the last model with a Home button and a Lightning port, marking the end of an era.

Foldable iPad On the Horizon?

Rumors are swirling about a groundbreaking foldable iPad, possibly revealed by late 2024 or early 2025. While production might commence by the end of 2024, its actual market availability remains uncertain.

A concept render of the foldable iPad | Image Credits: Canoopsy
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