Apple launches Podcasts Spotlight, adds fuel to Podcasts+ rumors

Apple has announced the launch of a new Spotlight feature for podcasts, designed to celebrate rising creators on Apple Podcasts under a new monthly editorial release. 

Similar to features on the App Store, Podcasts Spotlight gives Apple executives a say in the types of content consumers should be enjoying, and indeed allows Apple to build upon the success of the Apple Podcasts platform, which is rumored to be upgraded with a premium subscription service later in the year to better compete against Spotify and Amazon Prime.

Speaking of the new service, Ben Cave, Global Head of Business for Apple Podcasts, said: “Apple Podcasts Spotlight helps listeners find some of the world’s best shows by shining a light on creators with singular voice. Chelsea Devantez has created a fun, vibrant space with Celebrity Book Club for listeners to gain new perspectives on the celebrities we thought we knew. We are delighted to recognize Chelsea and Celebrity Book Club as our first Spotlight selection and look forward to introducing creators like Chelsea to listeners each month.”

Apple will spotlight new creators every month across a range of genres, locations, and formats, and says that its key focus will be on celebrating independent voices. Users can find the new highlighted podcasts in the Browse section of the Podcasts app, and across social media on the Apple Podcasts channels.

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