Apple now selling refurbished iPhone XR models from $499

Apple has begun selling refurbished iPhone XR models on its website.

Though the company released the cheaper iPhone 11 last year, the iPhone XR continues to be a popular smartphone choice – second only to the iPhone 11 in overall sales this year.

With the company expected to introduce the iPhone 12 in the coming months, Apple has slashed the price of the XR on its retail website to just $599 – but if you want to save even more money, consider purchasing one of its new certified refurbished iPhone XR models.

Available in the United States and in some other territories, the device is available in 64GB capacity for just $499 – that’s down from the current $599 retail price and the $749 launch price. 128GB and 256GB models are available refurbished for $539 and $629 respectively.

According to Apple, all of its refurbished iPhones are properly inspected, tested, cleaned and repackaged before they’re resold, and come with a new box, manual, and accessories as standard.

The company also adds a new battery to the devices and replaces the entire outer shell of the phone, so it’s impossible to distinguish between a new and refurbished device.

To further sweeten the deal, Apple offers a one-year warranty for any refurbished device, and AppleCare+ can be added for $149.

Apple also offers an upgraded version of the AppleCare+ service which includes theft and loss coverage for $249 – great for those who are always on the go and are likely to leave their smartphone in a cafe or train accidentally.

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