Apple Says it Won’t Sue FBI to Reveal iPhone Hack Method

Apple attorneys have revealed that the company will not take legal action against the US government to learn how the FBI hacked into the iPhone 5C of one of the terrorists in last year’s San Bernardino attacks.

According to ZDNet, the attorneys, speaking on background at a media briefing call earlier today, expressed Apple’s confidence that the security weakness allegedly uncovered by the government will have a “short shelf life”, as it should soon be fixed as part of normal product development.

The attorneys stressed their uncertainty about what the flaw was; however, on Thursday, FBI director James Comey said that his agency’s hacking technique can be used on only a “narrow slice” of iPhones.

The iPhone 5C, launched in September 2013, is now fairly primitive in terms of its technology – as it largely shares the innards of the iPhone 5 which debuted way back in 2012.

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