Apple shares new videos in an attempt to lure Android users to the iPhone

Sometime yesterday afternoon, Apple shared a few new short videos on its YouTube channel which are aimed at luring Android users to the iPhone.

The first video, titled “Ease” demonstrates how easy it is to transfer your content from an Android device to an iPhone using the Move to iOS app from Apple. In the video, a man holding an umbrella floats up from the bottom of the screen titled “iPhone” while the video description points users to the app.

“Upgrade to iPhone. The Move to iOS app makes it simple to move your music, photos, and more to iPhone. Switch today.”

A second video, styled in the same way, demonstrates the security of iOS devices when compared to Android devices. The video describes the frequent iOS updates as released by Apple.

“Frequent iOS updates help keep your iPhone more secure. Life’s easier on iPhone. Switch today.”

Two more videos titled “Environment” and “Apple Support” both focus on Apple’s commitment to the environment and its support options, including retail stores, online support, and phone support.

These videos direct straight to Apple’s “Switch” website that is designed for users currently using an Android or another smartphone who are thinking about switching to an iPhone. It answers questions such as “Will it be easy to switch to an iPhone?” and “Is an iPhone easy to use?”

On the website you can also see a number of key features that differentiate the iPhone from other devices including Portrait Mode, iMessages, Touch ID, Face ID, user privacy and more.

The “Move to iOS” app has been offered by Apple since 2015 in an attempt to make it much easier for users to swap to the iPhone from another device. It allows you to transfer data such as contacts, messages, photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail account information, calendars, wallpapers, DRM-free songs, and books.

The Switch site witnessed an overhaul in 2017 and in an even greater attempt to lure Android users, Apple began to release specifically targeted ads.

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