Apple Surpasses Milestone of 2.2 billion Active Devices Worldwide With the recent announcement of its earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2024, Apple has revealed a staggering 2.2 billion active devices across its product lineup, a testament to its unparalleled success in the technology market.

iPhone 15

The notable surge in Apple’s device ecosystem is largely credited to the iPhone 15 lineup, which has not only achieved a remarkable 99% customer satisfaction rate but also dominated sales charts globally.

This includes securing four out of the top five best-selling models in the U.S., leading in the U.K., and sweeping all top spots in Australia. The iPhone 15’s record-breaking upgrade rate contributed to a 6% sales increase over the equivalent quarter the previous year, marking unprecedented sales in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, highlighted the iPhone 15’s triumph over its predecessor, underscoring the growing appeal of the iPhone and the expansion of active devices.

The leap to 2.2 billion active devices signifies a major rise of nearly 400 million devices in just one year, outpacing the growth seen in previous years. This remarkable expansion stems from a combination of factors, including the iPhone’s increasing market presence, even as it becomes the sole growth model in a generally declining smartphone market.

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Apple’s Mac lineup continues to attract new users, nearly half of whom are new to the Mac ecosystem.

The iPhone’s continued success in emerging markets like China and India, where it is viewed as a symbol of status and quality among younger consumers, further bolsters Apple’s active device count.

This broad appeal across various demographics and geographies underscores the iPhone’s significant role in driving Apple’s service revenues and overall market dominance.

Despite facing challenges in certain product categories, Apple’s strategic focus on innovation and market expansion continues to pay off, as evidenced by the growing number of active devices and the iPhone’s sustained popularity across the globe.

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