Apple to Enable VR Headsets for iPhone, Analyst Predicts

Virtual reality is something that you could soon enjoy a lot more often with your iPhone. That’s judging from analyst Gene Munster’s prediction that Apple will soon start working with third-party companies to broaden the choice of virtual reality headsets available for the smartphone.

Apple will make this move within the next two years, Munster believes. AppleInsider reports that, as far as the analyst for investment firm Piper Jaffray is concerned, Apple isn’t interested in offering its own $100 iPhone-ready headset, but might help third party manufacturers to make such add-ons.

Virtual reality experiences can already be enjoyed with the iPhone; only last month, Apple added the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack, pictured above and compatible with any iPhone right back to the iPhone 5, to its online store. However, Munster reckons that, at least initially, Apple will likely view virtual reality as a complement to the iPhone, rather than as a stand-alone product.

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