Apple to introduce mental health support with watchOS 7

Apple will reportedly introduce new tools to monitor mental health in watchOS 7.

The company is currently readying its new operating system for beta release at this year’s virtual Worldwide Developers Conference, set to kick off on June 22nd on the WWDC app.

Reliable Apple insider Jon Prosser recently suggested that the Cupertino firm was planning on introducing new mental health tracking tools in the next iteration of the smartwatch operating system, designed to help users improve their overall wellness and mental state.

Apple Watch Series 6 is reportedly set to introduce a new blood oxygen sensor, which will be the basis of a new mental health app designed to help consumers better control their mood and mental state.

The app could theoretically detect panic attacks and offer guidance.

Speaking in a podcast interview, Prosser said: “What their biggest focus on is right now and I hope it comes this year, it might come next year, but I hope it’s coming to WWDC is mental health capabilities. Where they can take the oxygen levels in your blood with your heart rate and determine if you’re hyperventilating.

“They can identify a panic attack before it happens and warn you on your watch. Especially if you’re driving, they’ll ask you to pull over and they’ll offer breathing exercises once you get pulled over.”

The insider added that, though he hopes Apple will be able to introduce these new features in watchOS 7, they could come next year, as Apple is known to push back new releases.

Prosser also suggested that, because the blood oxygen sensor will only come with the next-generation Apple Watch, the company may hold off on the new feature until September.

In a leaked iOS 14 beta, developers were able to get a sneak peek of the new functionality, with Apple revealing a blood oxygen monitor on the Apple Watch inadvertently.

The new version of watchOS will also reportedly include a new sleep tracking app, which would mean that the next Apple Watch would need to come packaged with more powerful battery life.

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