Apple TV Integrates iTunes Movies & TV Shows in Upcoming tvOS 17.2 Update Apple TV's new update streamlines the viewing experience, merging iTunes Movies and TV Shows into a single app.

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In an effort to simplify user experience, Apple is set to merge the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps into the Apple TV app with the forthcoming tvOS 17.2 update. This change was first spotted in the release candidate version of tvOS 17.2, where attempting to access these standalone apps now redirects users to the Apple TV app. The consolidation aims to reduce confusion and redundancy, as the Apple TV app already supports both movie and TV show purchases.

The transition is communicated to users through a notification stating, “iTunes Movies and Your Purchases Have Moved“, advising them to buy, rent, or find their previous purchases in the Apple TV app. This move aligns with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s earlier prediction about Apple’s plans to phase out standalone TV and movie apps in favor of a more integrated approach.

Despite this shift, the iTunes TV Shows and iTunes Movies apps remain temporarily available in the tvOS 17.2 release candidate. This is primarily to guide customers on where to find their content in the future. However, the complete removal of these apps is expected soon.

The change is not just limited to the Apple TV. On iPhone and iPad, the iTunes Store app currently offers TV show and movie purchases alongside the Apple TV app. However, the option to purchase content from the iTunes Store app may also be phased out soon.

Enhancing the user interface, tvOS 17.2 introduces a sidebar that amalgamates content from Apple’s services and other streaming platforms compatible with the tvOS Watch Now feature. This sidebar enhances content accessibility, with dedicated sections for Search, Watch Now, Apple TV+, Sports, Library, and a Store for new purchases.

Apple anticipates releasing tvOS 17.2 to the public in the upcoming week, marking a significant step in streamlining its content delivery and improving user experience.

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