Apple Unveils M3 MacBook Air in 13-inch & 15-inch Models Apple has unveiled the next-generation MacBook Air, featuring the M3 chip, in both 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. Available for order today, these new models will begin shipping on March 8.


Apple’s latest addition to the MacBook Air lineup introduces the M3 chip, enhancing both the CPU and GPU performance significantly over its predecessors. The new M3 chip not only delivers an upgraded Neural Engine but also brings about an improvement in connectivity, with the capability to support up to two external displays simultaneously.

This feature, however, comes with a limitation: it is only feasible when the MacBook Air is in clamshell mode. When the laptop’s lid is open, users can only connect one external display, maintaining the status quo established by the M1 and M2 models.

Despite this limitation, the ability to connect two displays is a step forward for MacBook Air models equipped with Apple Silicon, offering a workaround to one of the drawbacks faced during the transition from Intel-based models.

Previously, Intel-powered MacBook Airs allowed for two external displays in addition to the laptop’s own screen, a functionality that had been missing in the Apple Silicon MacBook Air versions until now.

The M3 MacBook Air boasts a robust 8-core CPU and an optional 10-core GPU, making it a powerhouse for both everyday tasks and more demanding applications.

Apple has also dubbed the new MacBook Air the “world’s best consumer laptop for AI”, thanks to a faster 16-core Neural Engine. Additionally, the upgraded Wi-Fi 6E support promises to double the maximum theoretical download speeds compared to the previous generation, enhancing online browsing and streaming experiences.

In terms of design, the M3 MacBook Air models retain the aesthetics of the M2 version, featuring a sleek chassis with a thin bezel screen and a camera notch.

This update is primarily focused on internal improvements, offering significant performance enhancements for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models.

The new MacBook Air models are available in a range of colors, including midnight, starlight, space gray, and silver. Notably, the midnight colorway incorporates an anodization seal to minimize the visibility of fingerprints, a feature first introduced with the M3 MacBook Pro.

Customers can order the new MacBook Air models starting today, with the 13-inch version priced at $1099 (or $999 for education) and the 15-inch model starting at $1299 (or $1199 for education). These prices remain consistent with the previous M2 models.

Additionally, the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air will continue to be available at a reduced price of $999, following the discontinuation of the M1 model.

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