Apple Watch Series 2, with Swim Tracking and GPS, Announced

Apple Watch Series 2, with Swim Tracking and GPS, Announced

The second generation Apple Watch, officially known as the Apple Watch Series 2, has been announced – and there’s a lot for fitness buffs in particular to appreciate, including swimming tracking features.

While the original Apple Watch is splash-proof, the Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters. The wearable can even, through the vibration/movement of the in-built speaker, eject water from the casing once you’ve finished a good swim while wearing the device.

Indeed, the new Watch is capable of measuring calorie burning, stroke efficiency and completed laps of swimmers. It’s also got in-built GPS, which can give you a mapped route when you go for a run. Developers can make good use of that GPS; a good case in point being the hiking app ViewRanger, which can notify runners should they accidentally go off their route.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will come in aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic models – and, under the hood, there’s a dual-core processor that is up to 50% speedier than the first Apple Watch’s processor was. Yes, was…

Pre-orders for Apple Watch Series 2 will open on September 9. The timepiece, including Nike+ models, will be priced from $369, while the original Apple Watch, now with its successor’s S2 processor, will remain as the Apple Watch Series 1 and be priced from $269.

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