Apple Watch Series 2, with Swim Tracking and GPS, Announced

The second generation Apple Watch, officially known as the Apple Watch Series 2, has been announced – and there’s a lot for fitness buffs in particular to appreciate, including swimming tracking features.

While the original Apple Watch is splash-proof, the Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters. The wearable can even, through the vibration/movement of the in-built speaker, eject water from the casing once you’ve finished a good swim while wearing the device.

Indeed, the new Watch is capable of measuring calorie burning, stroke efficiency and completed laps of swimmers. It’s also got in-built GPS, which can give you a mapped route when you go for a run. Developers can make good use of that GPS; a good case in point being the hiking app ViewRanger, which can notify runners should they accidentally go off their route.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will come in aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic models – and, under the hood, there’s a dual-core processor that is up to 50% speedier than the first Apple Watch’s processor was. Yes, was…

Pre-orders for Apple Watch Series 2 will open on September 9. The timepiece, including Nike+ models, will be priced from $369, while the original Apple Watch, now with its successor’s S2 processor, will remain as the Apple Watch Series 1 and be priced from $269.

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