Apple Watch to Arrive in New Zealand on 31 July?

A number of countries, including Sweden and Thailand, will be getting the Apple Watch for the first time tomorrow – but New Zealand could be the next country to get the wearable after this date, judging from recent reports.

9to5Mac recently pointed out that, within the official Apple Store iOS app, Apple changed a product page to indicate that the Apple Watch will reach the Kiwi market on Friday, 31 July. The altered page showed the Apple Watch logo above the words ‘Available 31 July after 7:01am’.

However, according to New Zealand news website, Fairfax reported that this information was removed at about 1pm local time today, and replaced with a notice reading ‘Available in 2015’. added that “Apple were not immediately available for comment.” A screenshot of the earlier page showing the 31 July date can still be seen on the 9to5Mac website.

Whether Apple had simply let slip the scheduled launch date before it felt ready, or has since decided not to finalize 31 July for the release, the company has not made any official announcement concerning the wearable’s arrival in New Zealand. It certainly seems plausible that New Zealand could be among a number of fourth wave launch countries penciled in for 31 July.

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