Apple Watch’s Track Detection Feature Now Available in More Countries The feature, first introduced in watchOS 9.2, is now available in Canada, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Australia.

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Apple Watch’s Track Detection mode, which was first introduced in watchOS 9.2, was initially available only in the United States. It’s a fitness feature that enables the “Outdoor Run” workout to automatically detect when the user is on a running track and display track-specific metrics. Now, the Track Detection feature is available in Canada, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Australia.

The expansion of the Track Detection mode means that the Apple Watch is now a credible running watch for runners and athletes in these countries. The feature uses data from Apple Maps to locate the standard 400 meters running tracks in supported regions. If the user steps on a running track after opening the Run workout on the Fitness app, the app will automatically enable the Track mode and show metrics like laps or splits and intervals or segments.

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According to DC Rainmaker, the feature’s expansion is better than its competitors because it knows the number of running lanes at each track and exact distances, and “snaps” to the correct lane of the track. The accuracy is down to the meter, making it an excellent feature for runners who want to track their performance with precision.

The new feature is automatically available to users in the new countries and does not require a software update. When the smartwatch has more than 80% battery life and the paired iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, it will download all tracks within a 25-kilometer radius in the compatible countries. It also downloads all tracks within a 100KM radius of users’ “Home” and “Work” locations, automatically. If a user arrives at a running track outside the 25KM radius and their paired smartphone is on a cellular connection, then it will download tracks on-demand. Apple also has a mechanism to add tracks that are not logged into its database.

The Apple Watch’s Track Detection mode is a game-changer for runners who want to track their performance accurately. With the expansion of the feature to more countries, more athletes and runners can take advantage of this excellent feature.

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