AppleMagazine Preview: “Halloween: Not Just a Kids Holiday”

I remember back when I was younger, how excited I was when Halloween rolled around. Not just because I’m a horror fan, or because I enjoy the “scarier things in life,” but because Halloween is one of the only holidays besides Christmas that literally “changes” a city or town. The decorations, the costumes, the haunted houses, all of it was so amazing when I was a kid, and I remember being incredibly excited each time October came around. So imagine how depressed I was when I “outgrew” one of my favorite holidays, which has been stamped with the stigma of being just for kids.

But behind the trick-or-treating and the hay rides, Halloween has a very “adult” oriented side. There are a variety of haunted houses, parties, movie screenings, and events that appeal to a “not so younger crowd.” But for anyone who has never seen the adult side of Halloween, it can be very overwhelming. How do you know were to go? Or what to do? Better yet, if you’re dressing up in costume, how do you know what to go AS?

Well thanks to our incredibly technologically advanced age, and the introduction of the application craze, there are actually iOS-based apps that can give you a little inspiration to try some of the more unique things this holiday season. There are costume planners, event calendars, crafting ideas, and haunted location maps, just to name a few. There is definitely a lot more to the Halloween holiday past the traditional door-to-door.

And if you’re interested in seeing some of the more prominent apps on the market, and getting a more in-depth look at apps for this 2012 Halloween season, than be sure to check out the upcoming issue of AppleMagazine this Friday. “Halloween: Not Just a Kids Holiday” will give you a glimpse on some apps you can use to inspire you to get out of the house this year and enjoy some of the adult themes that Halloween has to offer.

Photo Credit: AppleMagazine.

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